With 15-year-old Wendy as heroine, children have a teen to look up to. And they’ll love the irresistible mix of horse-and-rider adventures, romance and comedy. Wendy lives at the riding school and stud farm owned and operated by her dad. Life around the stables is full of gossip, dramas, rivalries and friendships that, like many dreams, can be shattered by important riding competitions. Besides horses, Wendy and her friends explore teen issues with a light touch and a comic flair, and struggle with right and wrong choices as they navigate the stormy waters of the teen years.
Produced by: Wendy Promotions Limited, August Media Holdings/Red Kite Wendy Limited
Producer: Sueann Smith
Associate Producer: Rowan Crawford
Coproducer: ZDF, ZDF Enterprises
Director: Alan Simpson
Series Director: Garry Marshall
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Wendy (15) is our impulsive, energetic and most importantly human heroine! She’s a natural born leader with a big heart. She’s not perfect, but she always stands up for what she believes in. Her friends love her and our viewers want to be her.
Penny is Wendy’s white Hanoverian competition horse. She is a fantastic jumper and has a great temperament. She’s Wendy’s soul mate and Wendy always goes to Penny for comfort when she’s having a tough time – she can always rely on her.
Dixie is Wendy’s brown and white Western horse. She rides her for hacking and Western shows. Dixie can be a bit skittish but Wendy can handle her, sometimes using her ‘special way’ to connect with the horse. She does not jump with her, Dixie is Wendy’s leisure horse.
Bianca (16) is Wendy’s best friend. She’s sensible, responsible, a little shy and much less impulsive than Wendy. She loves photography and her creative nature takes her away from horses and Wendy from time to time. Bianca rides Prince a dependable Bay horse (medium brown with black mane & tail).
Carrie (13) is Wendy’s adopted sister. She’s a happy-go-lucky tomboy, who loves fun, adventure and hanging out with her friends. She idolises Wendy and loves being part of her ‘gang’. Carrie rides Pablo, a great first pony with piebald colouring (black & white patches)
Jerry (16) is the tall, dark, handsome heartthrob of the Wendy world (swoon). He’s a genuinely nice guy, and the two of them would make a great couple... if they would only realise their true feelings for each other! Jerry rides Bajan, a dark bay horse (dark brown with black mane & tail) who’s a focused jumper with a headstrong personality.
Christian (16) is the bad boy. He’s wealthy, good looking, and bursting with confidence. He’ll do anything to beat Wendy, including cheat. The two of them are constantly at odds... but there’s a very fine line between love and hate... Christian rides Sultan, an extremely valuable horse with a gentle nature. Sultan is Palomino (blonde with white mane & tail).
Vanessa (16) is Wendy’s bitchy cousin. She loves being the centre of attention, and having the upper hand with Wendy – they’re not exactly friends! She always tries to look fantastic, even when she’s knee deep in horse dung. Vanessa rides Tarik, a stunning dappled grey Arab horse.
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